Words – Sheila Sutton

Words – Sheila Sutton

James wise words often pop into my head, you know the ones about being quick to listen, slow to anger and slow to speak? I often think about them but probably don’t always apply them!

I well remember several years ago our youngest grandchild had been really naughty and, after an argument with her older sister, had stormed upstairs and written LOSER in felt tip pen over her sister’s photo! It no doubt made he feel empowered for a brief while, but I wonder how that word ‘Loser’ affected her sister.

Nelson Mandela said “resentment is like drinking poison And hoping it will kill your enemies!”

The words we use are powerful.

The words we use in our online responses to The Assisted Dying Campaign are LIFE words.

We say that we are a ‘community living to make Jesus known’ and one way we can do that is to choose LOVE and LIFE words in ALL our words and actions.

-by Sheila Sutton