SUMT (Scripture Union Ministries Trust) works with over 90% of the Island’s churches, every secondary school and numerous primary schools. The heart of the organisation is to train, equip, resource, strengthen and support local churches in engaging with youth. Check out information on the Gap Year and other exciting things. 


Curriculum (within a classroom context) In Curriculum sessions students are given opportunities to think through their own beliefs; they are never told what they should or shouldn’t believe. SUMT believes that God is interested in the development of every area of a child’s life, regardless of their personal faith choices. Therefore they want to partner with schools to help enhance the spiritual and moral aspects of the curriculum even if that means no faith content is delivered.

Discipleship (outside of a classroom context) SUMT believes that God is interested in giving children and young people opportunities to respond appropriately to the challenge of a Christian Worldview, particularly the challenge to follow Jesus Christ. Because of this they partner with schools and churches to provide places and opportunities for children and young people to ask questions, engage in teaching, and respond personally.