DO! Developing Orphans

DO! Developing Orphans

DO! Developing Orphans supports sustainable economic and social development for two rural communities, Akobi and Padibe, in the Kitgum region of northern Uganda. This is a remote region, and unsupported by major aid agencies.

DO! has established Broadway School, and seeks to help relieve poverty and hardship by enabling child headed families to become self-sufficient, no longer dependent on any form of aid, but able to provide for themselves.

They work with sixty-three child-led families, comprised of 193 orphans who were left destitute by the LRA civil war, and provide shelter and emergency aid as needed.

Broadway Nursery and Primary School, Padibe, Northern Uganda, has been built, funded by money from the Isle of Man, with a lot of hard work by its Ugandan Headmaster, John Calvin.

Their long-term focus is on the development of agricultural, educational, economic, and social infrastructure with the aim of creating self-sufficient communities. Their goal is to push beyond simple subsistence to the relative flourishing of these communities, providing choices that otherwise would not have been available for generations.