Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups are a great way to grow closer to God and to other Jesus-followers.

We have two main “types” of groups which meet on a weekly basis: WordLife and SoulLife. A description of both can be found below, together with a list of which group meets when.

If you are able to make any of the groups, we would love for you to join us.

Word Life


Word Life focuses on growing together in Christ through “Inductive Bible Study”. These groups will study Bible passages to discover what the passage says, what it means, and how it applies to our everyday lives. We have seven Word Life groups, including a couple of options for younger adults.

Soul Life


Soul Life is all about learning to live a full and balanced Christian life through spiritual practices from a variety of Christian traditions, and through gentle accountability for each other as we seek to live in God’s presence and live out his purposes.

Western Word Life: Wednesday 7:30pm
Douglas Word Life: Wednesday 7:30pm
Saddlestone Word Life: Wednesday 7:30pm
Soul Life: Wednesday 7:30pm
Daytime Word Life: Thursday 11am
Douglas Word Life: Friday pm (zoom only)

For more information, please email