Lent: Day 4

Lent: Day 4


GLORIFY. Pray for our Sunday Morning gathering and for Sunday Live. Ask God that we will encounter and be changed by him, that people will find new life in Jesus, and that our worship will bring a smile to His face. Our theme is: “Your Church Needs You – Going Together.” Pray that we will be emboldened to share the love of Jesus with people around us. Pray for opportunities to speak to someone about Jesus this coming week. Why not join us tomorrow for our Sunday prayer gatherings in The Well Lounge – 10am to pray for our Sunday morning gathering, 7pm to pray for Salvation and for Sunday Live.

5 FOR 5

Pray for 5 people you know, who aren’t yet followers of Jesus. Ask God to enable them to see his love and to bring them into a real relationship with Jesus as Friend, Saviour and Lord.


Pray for the one thing you want to ask God for throughout these 40 days. Picture it in your mind, be open to what God might say to you about it, and thank him that he hears and answers you.

Lent: Day 3