So much more than singing songs, everything we are about as Jesus-followers is worship. Worship is our first and highest duty and privilege and, by God’s grace, our worship together will bring a smile to His face, and people will be deeply changed as they encounter the Risen Lord Jesus among us by his Spirit.


GOD CENTRED.  Our worship is not for ourselves or for not-yet-believers, but for God alone, who is worth the very best we can bring.  We aim to structure our worship in a way which reflects God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

HOSPITABLE.  We aim to extend the welcome of the risen Christ who stands among us.  For the sake of people not used to church, we strive to be free from jargon and hidden cues.

JOYFUL AND REVERENT. Jesus taught us to address God as “Our Father in heaven,” reflecting both closeness and mystery.  As people who have the life of the joyful God among us, we aim to make church fun, to take God very seriously, and ourselves with a pinch of salt.

BIBLICAL.  Our worship together is shaped by Scripture.  We are committed to giving both the reading and preaching of the Bible a significant place.

EXPECTANT. When we gather in Jesus’ name, the Holy Spirit is among us.  We don’t want to simply go through the motions, but to experience almighty God in his life-changing love and power.

CONTEMPORARY, CONSISTENT AND CREATIVE. While we use a variety of musical styles, worship at Broadway has a mainly contemporary feel.  We aim to be consistent so that people can focus on God, not our structure, and have confidence in what sort of service they might invite friends to.  Consistency, though, does not mean uniformity – our God is brimming with creativity and we seek to express his delight in all we do.

PARTICIPATIVE.  We want to make room for our God-given giftings and temperaments in our gathered worship.  Recognising that the church is a body, we express our worship in ways which are more corporate than individual.

REAL.  We seek to appreciate the variety of needs and circumstances among God’s people. Alongside celebration, we make room for both lament and reflection.  We recognise and pray for the wider world and seek to give witness to the compassion and justice of God, both when we worship together and in the worship of our lives offered in service throughout the week.